Thursday, 4 February 2016

My February TBR

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't usually give myself TBRs. I like reading whatever I'm in the mood to read, but every now and then I do find myself wanting to make myself a TBR, and this February just happens to be one of those times!

I don't know if I will read all of these, though it'd certainly be nice if I did, and I'm not going to make myself feel bad if I don't read them, but if I can cross them off my TBR I'll be a happy bunny!

Firstly, the lovely Mikayla @ Mikayla's Bookshelf and I are planning to do a buddy read of Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. Not only is it a beautiful book, but it sounds pretty wonderful, too. I'm hoping I might be able to go and see Zen Cho speaking on a panel at the very first Bare Lit Festival in February, but we'll see...

One of my most anticipated releases of 2016, A Tyranny of Petticoats, is being released in March. Edited by Jessica Spotswood, it's an anthology of female-led historical fiction which sounds exactly like everything I love. The last anthology I read was My True Love Gave to Me, and while it was a wonderful way to introduce myself to a bunch of authors I hadn't read before, this time around I want to familiarise myself with more of the authors. Marissa Meyer and Robin Talley have written for this anthology, two authors whose complete published works I've already read, but I also happen to own Elizabeth Wein's Code Name Verity, Lindsay Smith's Sekret, and Leslye Walton's The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. As Wein, Smith and Walton have all written stories for the anthology I'd like to read one of their novels first, and Code Name Verity has been on my TBR for yonks anyway.

These three books are all on my 16 Books I Want to Read in 2016 list, and I really want to make a dent in that list! I need to be reading more than one of these books a month if I want to read all 16 this year and I didn't read any in January, so if I can cross these three off my TBR that'd be a great start. It's shocking that I still haven't read The Bell Jar, and I've been hearing wonderful things about Among Others for years. The Paying Guests is the next Sarah Waters book I want to cross off my TBR - it is a bit of a chunker, though!

Last February I set a fun little challenge for myself that I called 'Undead Feb', where I decided to read zombie books in which I was much more likely to encounter a severed heart rather than a love heart. That was the month I introduced myself to the White Trash Zombie series, and I always have such fun with those books that I'd like to read the fourth and fifth in the series. As for Blackout, I really, really need to finish the Newsflesh trilogy. I can't live in denial forever.

Do you have any reading plans for February?


  1. Ah! So excited you are planning to read The Bell Jar and Code Name Verity! Both are amazing and so powerful. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them!

  2. The Sorcerer and The Crown is one I really need to read to - so are Code Name Verity, The Bell Jar and Ava Lavender! I've heard great things about the White Trash Zombie books too! I hope you get to all of these in February and I look forward to reading your thoughts on them :)