Monday, 6 July 2015

The Cinderella Book Tag!

I saw Mel @ The Daily Prophecy do this tag and I just had to join in because it's adorable!

Evil Stepsisters

A book with a character you hate

Heathcliff is literally the worst. He's a fantastic character, but a terrible human being.

Prince Charming

A book with a gentleman

Atticus Finch: the original DILF.

Look at that dapper bastard


A character that is graceful, kind and defiant

I really like Agnes. She's often accused of not having enough gumption, but it's nice to see a heroine with a quiet kind of strength. When her family is destitute she becomes a governess, despite both her parents and her sister doubting her capability, and she sticks with the job even when it's tough. If you haven't read Agnes Grey I recommend checking it out, particularly if you're a fan of subtler classics like Persuasion.

Fairy Godmother
A character who always has someone looking out for them

If it wasn't for Samwise Gamgee - the ultimate hero - Frodo would have died as soon as he stepped foot out of The Shire. Thank God Frodo has Sam.

Helpful Creatures

Something that makes you happy when you're sad

It's not a book, I know, but I absolutely love The Mummy. Next to Beauty and the Beast it's my favourite film, and it always makes me smile. I could watch this movie over and over and never get bored, and it's never failed to cheer me up!

A book you didn't care for

I really, really, really didn't like Legend. June and Day were basically the same person with different genitalia, and Marie Lu spent way too much time explaining what everyone was wearing. It just wasn't for me.


A character with a transformation

We all always knew that Neville was a hero, but Neville's transformation was one in which he realised what he was capable of doing himself. He went from the little boy who was terrified of his Potions Professor to the young man who slays horcruxes in a cardigan because he's Neville Longbottom.


A book with an ending you didn't see coming

Just Breathe
Something that inspires you to be courageous

Something else that isn't a book, but is based on a book! I love the music from the Little Women musical, and this song in particular has always filled me with gumption.

Happily Ever After

A book with a perfect ending

Everything about Signal to Noise is perfect, and I desperately want more people to read it because it's so good.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the tag Jess! I'm horribly behind on these posts but I'll try to do this one asap :) There are some books that I have yet to read on here - and some classics that I sorely need to reread because the details are foggy...but I will say that I agree 100% on your comment about Samwise Gamgee! He IS the ULTIMATE hero ♥ 'Frodo wouldn't have made it far without Sam' And YES to Neville as well: WHAT a transformation! :D I loved reading your answers here^^

    1. Aw thanks Micheline! I look forward to reading your answers. :)

      Sam is one of my favourite characters from LotR. Actually I think he and Neville are fairly similar; neither of them are 'the chosen one', but they're both pretty damn important to the story!

  2. This is perfectly timed as I was just thinking I hadn't done a tag in a while! Thanks for the tag. I totally feel you on Heathcliff and Atticus!

  3. I've got to remember to do this! These are always fun, but I always forget about them.