Monday, 10 November 2014

Writing Tag

I saw this over on Jaime Morrow's blog and decided to steal it because it looked like a lot of fun!

1. Best Writing Space?

Right now it's the dining table! I've mentioned in previous posts that I recently finished university so I'm back to living with my parents, and while we live in a lovely house it's also a pretty small house so there isn't enough room in my bedroom for a desk. The dining table works, though - I just stick my headphones on and get to work!

2. If you could have dinner with any author, alive or deceased, who would it be and why?

I think it'd have to be Daphne du Maurier, because I recently started reading her books and I adore her. Her writing style is gorgeous and she also seems to have had a lover for historical fiction. Not to mention I'd love to ask her for some tips as to how she managed to pop out so many stories! 

If not her then Mary Shelley or Anne Brontë, who I also love. If I could invite all three of them that'd be a dream come true.

3. Favourite way to procrastinate when you should be writing?

The internet. The internet is my enemy.

4. In less than 20 words, describe your current WIP.

Historical Fiction/Magical Realism set in Whitby in 1916. A retelling of a Cornish folktale.

5. If your favourite writing genre didn't exist, what would you write instead?

Gosh, what would I do without historical fiction? Thankfully I don't write solely historical fiction, but I do love it. If I couldn't write that I'd probably write fantasy and science fiction, because of most of my historical fiction seeps into magical realism and contains fantastical elements anyway.

6. Favourite band to listen to while writing?

It depends on what I'm writing. I do like to listen to film scores, and in my experience pretty much anything composed by Hans Zimmer works a treat.

7. Morning writing or night owl scribbler?

I'm definitely more of a night owl.

8. Favourite friendship in a published book?

Like Jaime said the Golden Trio would be the obvious choice, but other than those three... When I was younger I loved the friendship between Lirael and the Disreputable Dog. (I did a list of my Top 5 Fictional Friendships here!)

9. If you could write a book to capture the heart of a song you love, the song is?

Funnily enough I recently scribbled down an idea inspired by a song I love. I've already started listening to Christmas music; obviously here in the UK we don't celebrate Thanksgiving so as far as I'm concerned as soon as Bonfire Night's out of the way it's Christmas time! One of my all time favourite Christmas songs - in fact it might be my absolute favourite - is A Spaceman Came Travelling. I have the seed of an idea, so I'm going to go ahead and let it burn away in the back of my mind.

10. When the movie of your book gets made, who's the dream cast?

Well my current WIP is still in the very early planning stage. I suddenly got hit with the idea and decided to do it for NaNoWriMo, but I still have 0 words (seriously I suck at NaNo) and I only have a handful of characters and the vaguest idea of where the plot is going to go. I also still have to finish Bloodroot and Bracken, but I wanted to take a break from it to try my hand at something new and de-stress after finishing my MA.

Anyway, this WIP, tentatively titled Still Bravely Singing, has two leads, one male and one female. My male lead, Teddy, is the product of an English father and an Indian mother, so if I were to cast him off the top of my head I'd say someone like Naveen Andrews. My female lead, Fiona Shaw, is Irish and not exactly human. I don't really have her appearance that clear in my own mind just yet, but maybe someone like Sarah Bolger.

If you'd like to answer these questions, consider yourself tagged!

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  1. Hans Zimmer's music is wonderful to write with :D