Saturday, 29 November 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas!

I didn't post anything on my blog yesterday, despite usually posting something every Monday and Friday. Boo me! The reason? I'm not very well. I have a really gross head cold, and while I've definitely felt worse in the past it did mean that I just couldn't be bothered to do anything yesterday.

So I'm making up for it this weekend! Tomorrow I'll finally be posting my Sci-Fi installment of Classics & Contemporaries to celebrate the end of Sci-Fi November, and today I have an announcement. This December I'm going to be blogging the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Now traditionally the twelve days of Christmas are the twelve days following on from Christmas day, but I'm going to switch it around a little and post something every day on the twelve days leading up to Christmas day. So, from the 13th of December through to Christmas Eve I'll be posting something every day, from book reviews to film recommendations to some of my favourite Christmas songs!

So until the 13th I'll be posting the odd Top Ten Tuesday and What's Up Wednesday posts, but other than that I'm saving everything for those twelve days.

I love Christmas, it's my favourite time of year, so I hope you enjoy what I have in store!

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