Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday | Most Owned Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created at The Broke and Bookish. Each week you compile a list of ten books which coincide with that week's theme. You can find out everything you need to know about joining in here!

This week's theme is 'Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From'. I didn't think I'd have that many, but I actually filled this list really easily!

Get ready to marvel at my appalling photography (though in my defense I took these pictures with my phone).

J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter 1-7, The Tales of Beedle the Bard and The Casual Vacancy.

Derek Landy

Skulduggery Pleasant 1-7, The End of the World and Tanith Low in the Maleficent Seven.

Maria V. Snyder

Study series 1-3, Glass series 1-3, and Healer series 1-2.

Tanya Huff

Vicki Nelson 1-6, Quarters 1-2, and The Silvered.

Garth Nix

The Old Kingdom 1-3, Across the Wall, A Confusion of Princes, and Shade's Children.

C. J. Sansom

Matthew Shardlake 1-5 and Dominion.

Neil Gaiman

Smoke and Mirrors, Good Omens, The Graveyard Book, American Gods, Neverwhere and Stardust.

Celia Rees

Witch Child, Sorceress, Pirates!, Sovay and Blood Sinister.

Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket 1-11.

Stephenie Meyer

Twilight 1-4, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and The Host.

Which authors made your list?



  1. J.K. Rowling should have made my list but I chose not to include her because I have duplicates of mostly all of her books (haha) so that's the reason why the numbers are so high :P And OMG Stephanie Meyer, I forgot about her because I do have all of her books (and like them!!) ! I've heard nothing but amazing things about Neil Gaimen but I still have yet to read one of his books.

    1. I like Neil Gaiman, though I do think some of his stuff is a little overrated. That being said I read American Gods earlier this year (in fact it was the first book I read this year) and I really enjoyed it! :) I recommend starting out with one of his shorter books - either The Graveyard Book or The Ocean at the End of the Lane - or with one of his short story collections. Smoke and Mirrors is a great collection! ^__^

  2. A brilliant list. I have J.K Rowling on my list. I couldn't leave her out! You've got some great choices! :-)

    1. Thank you! :) Everyone loves Queen Rowling. :D

  3. I've read some Celia Rees, and I really liked her books. I still need to read Witch Child though. So far, I've only read one Gaiman book, which I really need to change. I enjoyed Neverwhere a lot, and I need to read some of his other books. Great list!

    1. You definitely need to read Witch Child - it's amazing! If you liked Neverwhere then I definitely recommend American Gods; I read it earlier this year and I loved it. ^__^

  4. Aww, Fruits Basket!!! I love that manga! :)

  5. I'm interested in reading more Gaiman. I have read the Graveyard Book, and own Stardust and Fragile Things. I thought the Graveyard Book was pretty good, but I'm eager to read more and see if he is worth the hype!

    1. Honestly I'm a little torn when it comes to Gaiman because I do think he's a little overhyped, but having said that American Gods was the first book I read this year and I'd definitely say it's one of the best books I've read in 2014. A lot of people seem to love Neverwhere, and while I enjoyed it (particularly because I was in London when I read it!) I don't think it's as amazing as everyone says. Then again I think he's just one of those authors who has a book for everyone!

  6. +JMJ+

    J.K. Rowling didn't make my list, but she got an honourable mention. =) I also own all the Twilight books, but not The Host.