Monday, 23 June 2014

Five Facts About My Main Character!

I was tagged by Beth von Staats over on Facebook to share five facts about the protagonist of my current WIP, and because the majority of my friends on Facebook aren't writers I thought it'd be a lot more fun to post my facts here instead, and even tag some other bloggers!

My current WIP is Bloodroot and Bracken, a historical/paranormal novel set in 16th century Lancaster. My protagonists are Jane Allerdice (née Ask) and Thora Allerdice, Jane's daughter. Today Jane is going to be the character I focus on, though in future I might make another post like this for Thora.

  1. Jane's mother, Annabel, died not long after her sixth birthday. She thinks about her every day.
  2. She grew up with two older brothers, Matthew and David, and never understood why they were allowed to cut their hair and she was not. When she was seven she took matters into her own hands. By the time her father found her she'd already cut short half of her hair, and was left with a head of uneven tufts for weeks.
  3. Under the tutelage of her brothers, she learned how to throw a mean punch.
  4. She never goes to watch the executions on Gallows Hill, and she's unusual in that respect. When she was a child her father once took her to watch a hanging, to show her why their family didn't go, and for weeks afterwards she had nightmares about kicking legs and purpling faces. Some nights the person being hanged was her mother. Some nights she still has those nightmares.
  5. Her favourite flowers are forget-me-nots.
I'm going to tag Amy, Cole, Caitie, Emma and Melanie. You don't have to do it, but it's fun!


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  1. Number 2) reminds me so much of my own life ^^; While I didn't actually cut my own hair, I hated that I couldn't do the things they could when I was little... although it was an age-gap rather than gender thing ;)

    Thanks so much for the tag :D I posted mine here :)